Standard ADA Plaques

Plaques are available in the standard 7'' x 8.5'' x 0.25'' size with a stipple or sand background, or in your own custom design. Order solid aluminum, bronze and brass ADA-compliant plaques from Signs In A Minute, the ADA signs we sell does not use loose beads for braille component or reply on imperfect, non-compliant casting. 
Ordering standard ADA Plaques is easy

  • Pick a style from A - K
  • Pick a  standard color  or PMS color
  • Pick stipple or  sand background  
  • Number of sets​
  • Orders produced in 12 - 15 business days after artwork approval
  • California ADA also available

Style A

We make buying Standard ADA Plaques simple. Get a quote and buy today!

  1. Restrooms ADA plaque
    Restrooms ADA plaque
  2. Telephone ADA plaque
    Telephone ADA plaque
  3. Women and Handicap Plaque
    Women and Handicap Plaque
  4. Women ADA Plaque
    Women ADA Plaque
  5. Stairway ADA plaque
    Stairway ADA plaque
  6. Men ADA Plaque
    Men ADA Plaque
  7. Men and Handicap ADA Plaque
    Men and Handicap Plaque
  8. No Smoking ADA Plaque
    No Smoking ADA Plaque
  9. Accessible ADA Plaque
    Accessible ADA Plaqueq
  10. Women ADA Plaque
    Women ADA Plaque
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