1. Custom Made Letters
  2. Custom Made Display Letters

Flat Cut Letters and Logos, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel or Cor-ten 

Display Letters and Logos
Metal on acrylic or foam
Acrylic on foam laser cut

  • Six thicknesses and 50 standard finishes
  • Letters and logos from one inch to 60 inchs
  • Letters and logos from customer supplied  art files
Submit your artwork, send vector line art files with all fonts converted to curves in ai or eps.
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Custom Made Letters

Cast metal letters, formed plastic letters, flat cut metal letters, flat cut plastic letters or any other type of letters, will only sell you the highest quality letters.

Display Letters are ideal for reception areas or in-store displays. Letters are designed for interior use. Our line of display letters includes additional finishes on lightweight substrates and even the option of gold leafing on selected letters.

  • Metal Letters
  • Plastic Letters
  • Wall Letters
  • Acrylic Letters
  • Formed Letters
  • Cast Letters
  • Display Letters​
  • Flat Cut Letters
  • Metal Plaques
  • Etched Plaques
Our Plastic Letters and Metal Letters are designed to be the perfect fit for your business
The look and feel of cast metal letters, the Minnesota Plastic Letters are available in six standard styles and 45 standard colors. Lightweight and easy to install. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Formed Plastic Letters are available in 128 standard letter styles and 31 standard colors. We also sell custom formed letters, submit your artwork. Create three dimensional letters and logos with colors matched to your desired palette. Durable and weather resistant.

Submit artwork with the following information. Vector art file ai, eps, the overall size of the finished logo or letters. PMS colors or standard paint color. Mounting method and the number of sets needed.

Unique Display Letters

Display Letters are ideal for reception areas or in-store displays. Letters are designed for interior use. Our line of display letters include additional finishes on lightweight substrates. Premium hardwood letters, 1200 dpi full color finishes, and even the option of gold leafing.

Display letters are extremely durable and offer you additional design flexibility to produce the kinds of signs you need. Letter sizes range from 1'' - 24''. 

Chrome Finish

This finish looks best when applied to any of our round face letters. The finish can also be added to gemlite letters for illumination.

Gold Leaf

Pure 23K gold is applied to any of our formed plastic or minnesota letters. Completely weatherable, installations last a generation before re-leafing is required due to wear and tear in most applications. Round face and prismatic styles are recommended for best results.