Plastic Letters, Metal Letters Installation Options

Mounting Surface Options

  • Brick or Block Walls:  order studs in line for Brick or Block.
  • Stucco Walls:  secure with studs and pads ( Combination All Mount )
  • Corrugated Walls:  ideal if letters are secured to rails first, then onto the wall by word.
  • Glass:  secure flat letters with double faced tape and silicone, plain or pad mounts.
  • Plastic Panels:  flat plastic can be bonded to plastic panels with double faced tape or solvent.
  • Wood:  pads, studs or a combination of the two work well.

Letter Installation Guides

  • Mounting Pattern:  a drilling template for any mounting that has a stud mount.
  • Stencil:  a full-sized paper pattern for flat, plain or double faced taped letters under 6'' inches.
  • Split Stencil:  a partial stencil for flat, plain, double faced tape or pad mount letters.
  • Spacing Tape:  a narrow paper guide to help position pad mounted plastic letters.

Most Common: Mounting Options

  • Stud:  threaded rods extending around 2'' beyond backs of letters or plaques.
  • Pad:  plastic pad extending beyond the back of letters, typical with plastic letters.
  • Combination or Combination All:  stud through pads.
  • Double Faced Tape:  designed for interior flat letters - typically plastic.
  • Double Rail:  letters mounted to two rails, metal or plastic.
  • The bottom or Top Rail:  letters 3/8'' thick or greater, plastic or metal.
  • The bottom or Top Stud:  letters 3/8'' thick or greater, drilled and tapped for studs.