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We sells all types of interior and exterior signs

LED Channel Letters
Pylon Signs Systems
Formed Plastic Letters
We manufacture and sells a variety of LED letters, LED channel letters, reverse LED channel letters, open channel letters, front and back-lit LED channel letters, contour channel signs and more.
Our pylon signs come illuminated and non-illuminated, with polycarbonate panels or .125'' aluminum panels, radius or straight edge extrusions, countersunk fasteners, reveals and skirted bases.
Formed letters and logos are extremely durable and will stand out in any application or the harsh outdoor weather. 31 standard colors / Five sheen options. Different face profiles available.
Design Stone Signs
Outdoor LED Signs
Sandblasted Signs
The sign is constructed of a polystyrene core, which is coated with a hard coating process, giving the sign durability. Then finish with a synthetic stucco. Extremely lightweight and highly durable.
Signs In A Minute offer the guidance necessary during the selection process to ensure that you know what LED sign is best for you. We have a variety of LED signs to choose from.
Our sandblasted signs come in a variety of materials, sizes, colors. allowing you to capture your business message and brand. Together we can produce a sign for your business.
Flat Cut Metal Letters
Flat Cut Plastic Letters
Minnesota Plastic Letters
Signs In A Minute sells laser cut metal letters and logos that provide greater detail than router letters. With 6 metals and over 50 finishes available, bronze, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and Cor-Ten.

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Injection molded plastic letters are extremely durable and will stand out in any indoor applications or the harsh outdoor weather. Plastic Letters are available in six standard styles and 45 standard colors.
Cast Metal Letters
GemLeaf Letters
Laminate Letters
We sell cast aluminum and bronze letters. With a variety of finish options, including polishing, oxidized and anodized. 60 standard type styles. Finish options - painted, brushed, anodized, oxidized, patina
Gemleaf Display Letters are idea for any in store display and reception area. The Gemleaf Letters include additional finishes on lightweight substrates, 1200 dpi full color finishes, premium hardwood letters.
Metal Laminate On Foam, Metal Laminate On Acrylic, Acrylic Laminate On Foam. 
Laminate letters are idea for in store displays and reception areas.
Designed for interior use only.

Trim Plastic Letters
Custom Banners
GemLite Formed Letters
Trim plastic letters are made by chemically bonding GemTrim to 3/16'' thick router cut acrylic plastic. Translucent acrylic colors may show mounting hardware, Please keep this in mind when selecting acrylic colors.
Promote your business to the world by ordering one of our custom made banners.
Vinyl Banners, Mesh Banners, Digital Banners, Standard Banners and Feather Flags. 
Formed Plastic Channel Letters feature opaque white cans approximately 3/4'' deep and faces made from translucent, LED-compatible colored plastic. Faces can be flat, prismatic or round profile.
Plaque Types
Sidewalk Signs
Changeable Letters
High quality plaques, cast and precision tooled brass, bronze or aluminum plaques, logos and emblems. Ideal for schools, offices, and government buildings, these plaques are available in 16 different finishes
Order your Outdoor Sidewalk Signs, Black A-Frame Sign ( No Insert ) Black Dry Erase A-Frame Sign and Black Changeable A-Frame Sign. Built in handles plus ports that allows for filling with sand to add stability.
Replace your old Changeable Letters. Sets of : 250 Pieces, 300 Pieces, 400 Pieces, 800 Pieces. To order, you need both Letter Height and Panel Height. Order a Pronto Change Arm Pole with Head Assembly.  
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