LED Channel Letters

We manufacture and sells a variety of custom made LED letters, LED channel letters, reverse LED channel letters, front and back-lit LED channel letters, contour channel signs to your specifications. Send us a description or a file of your Channel Letters.

LED Channel Letters are more energy efficient. They consume less power than neon illumination channel Letters.

  • Aluminum LED Channel Letters
  • Stainless Steel LED Channel Letters

  • LED Channel Logo Box
  • Contour Channel Letters
Trim Colors
Return Colors
Face Colors
Letter Layout
Information needed to get a quote
Overall Dimensions, Letter Height, Face Color, Return Color and Trim Color.

Letters can be produced as small as 8'' in a block font. 12'' for most other fonts

Stainless Steel LED Channel Letters

Stainless Steel LED Halo Lit Letters
Stainless Steel LED Face Lit Letters
Our fabricated LED stainless steel letters with halo lighting. Produced in a wide range of sizes from 6'' to 36'' high, in multiple stainless finish options, all lit with one of five LED colors. Halo Lit fabricated letters are produced with a removable can to allow for servicing of LEDs. In addition, optional detachable studs create a 1-1/2'' stand-off. Halo lit letters can be fabricated with or without LEDs​
Our fabricated LED stainless steel channel letters with illuminated acrylic faces to provide outstanding low-light visibility, Get the exact combination of daylight and nightlight colors you want with a broad selection of translucent acrylic in letter heights from 6'' to 36''. Choose from polycarbonate or stainless steel backing with the brilliance of integrated LEDs.
Stainless Steel LED Letters:
  • Sizes range from 6'' - 36''
  • Unlimited paint colors.
  • Specialty finishes.
Strap Mount, Side Mount, Shadow Free Mount
Removable Can Mount, Steel Back, Lexan Back
Bottom or Top Stud, Engineered Stud

Fabricated Specifications:
Installed LEDs
Alloy 304 is the standard stainless alloy, offering excellent resistance to corrosion. Alloy 316 and Titanium are also available and recommended for more harsh environments, such as coastal areas.

Face-Lit Letters with LEDs are available with a cut-out face and translucent acrylic insert. Halo Back Lit Letters with LEDs, are available with clear Lexan backs.

Finish Options
Mounting Options:
Standard Face Lit cans are produced with a removable can mount. Faces / Cans can be removed by loosening screws in the returns. Optional detached studs can be ordered (no visible return screws.

We sells a variety of LED Channel Letters, you can rest assured that your LED Letters will be constructed from the highest quality materials.