Custom Made Etched Plaques

Signs In A Minute sells Etched Plaques, brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel. Etched plaques are an excellent choice for displays and exhibits that require detail information.

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  1. Recessed Graphics
    The standard on all etched plaques is recessed text and graphics that are paint filled.
  2. Raised Graphics
    Raised text or graphics means the background will be painted, leaving the text or graphics in the alloy color. ( There are stokes and artwork limitations with raised graphics.)
  3. Line Art
    A sketch or drawing can be etched with fabulous results by reproducing a black and white line drawing. Since no halftone screen is used in the process, the fine lines are expertly captured in exquisite detail.
  4. Photography
    Etched photos are created with halftone images, which resemble newspaper photographs and have visible dot patterns. The dots are filled with black ink to contrast with the brushed metal finish. High contrast photographs work best for etched images.
  5. Metal Image
    The Metal Image process offers greater detail than chemical etching. The porcelainized stainless steel is impervious to nearly all conditions, and the process is less expensive than etching,
  6. Mounting Options
    Stud Mount, Stud Boss Mount, Double Face Tape Mount and Through-hole Mount
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